Many forces, values, and messages bombard our children - home, school, church, television, friends, music, magazines.

The home is a powerful influence for good, but studies reveal how little actual contact there is between children and their parents, particularly fathers. How much "quality time" do we as Christian parents spend with our children? Couldn't we benefit from the backup of Christian teachers during the school day?

What about the influence of Sunday school and youth group programmes? The Sunday school is another powerful influence for good, but it represents less than 1% of a child's time with perfect attendance in Sunday school. It's totally unrealistic for us as parents to assume that one hour of Sunday school, plus other church activities, can successfully compete with a 30-hour per week experience in a secular school.

Today, children receive conflicting value-laden messages from television, radio stations, music, and friends. Our children benefit greatly from an education environment in which their teachers are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and to a Christian philosophy of education. They learn from educational materials that are biblically integrated. Our children need to know that Jesus Christ does make a difference in their learning. That environment exists for our children in Christian schools.

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